Sibley Forest
Buying or Leasing
Are you BUYING A HOME IN SIBLEY FOREST? You need to follow the below protocols and contact HOA treasurer at
Residents, ARE YOU LEASING YOUR HOME? You need to notify the board/treasurer at Please follow the process in the article at the bottom of this page. 
Attention Sibley Forest Closing Attorney Or Real Estate Agents:
If you are handling a Sibley Forest sale and will need a HOA letter please contact the HOA treasurer at
Please provide purchaser’s name and closing date in the email and we will email you an HOA letter.
Helpful Attachments: 
2024 Fees due at closing: 
  • $1,045 mandatory new member initiation fee 
  • $50 closing documentation fee
  • $1,095 total due at closing 
2024 Yearly Neighborhood Fees/Dues Per Household:
  • $1,045 - Annual HOA Dues are due each year on April 1. 
  • $285 - Trash service for entire neighborhood. Pick up is each Thursday, including newspaper and plastics/carton/paper recycling.
  • $1,330 - Total yearly costs to per household
This is billed annually mid March and due in full on April 1st.
Please note, our neighborhood has architectural covenants and bylaws which all homeowners are required to abide by. All changes to properties must be approved by an architectural committee and within keeping with the neighborhood standards and guidelines.
Attention Sibley Forest Homeowners Leasing Their Homes
If you are leasing your home, you need to notify the HOA treasurer at
Our Sibley Forest covenants address the issue of leasing a home in Section 12, page 19-21. All Homeowners should read this before leasing. The complete covenants can be found here.  The bylaws are here, click here.
Particular points to address on lease/rental contract are:
1. All leases shall be in writing with Addendum C attached to the lease, CLICK HERE. It is imperative that each is signed by the lessee and Homeowner (lessor) and forwarded to the Homeowners Board of Directors at 629 Gunby Rd., Marietta, GA 30067. (note: Addendum C is found in the Covenants)
2. All leases must be for an initial term of at least six months.
3. All lots must be leased in their entirety.
4. The Homeowner must provide the lessee copies of the Declaration, Bylaws, and the rules and regulations, and the lease shall provide that the Owner has done so by attaching Addendum C.
5. The lease shall be deemed to contain the provisions outlined in Section 12 (a) (iii).
6. Within 10 days of entering the lease, the Homeowner shall provide the Board of Directors with the name and phone number of the lessee and the names of all other people occupying the Lot. The Owner’s address, other than the Lot, should also be provided. Failure to provide this information within 10 days from entering into the lease may result in a fine against the Homeowner for each day this information is not provided. The Homeowner is responsible for all fees and annual assessments owed to Sibley Forest.
As specified in Sibley Forest bylaws, membership and use of amenities passes to the person renting the home. Homeowners cannot use amenities once they have leased their home.
The Homeowner will be billed the annual assessment, and if the assessment is not received within 30 days of when it is due and payable, the lessee loses all privileges of common grounds and amenities.
For further information you can reach the Sibley Forest HOA board at or the HOA treasurer at