Sibley Forest
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Safety Reminder

School is in session, please drive slowly and obey traffic signs -- Very young children (ages 5-12) are traversing our roads early in the morning and at school dismissal in the afternoon. Please slow down as you travel the neighborhood and come to a full stop at stop signs, especially at school bus stops and Bostic Hill and Bridle Trail roads.

For those new to the neighborhood, Bridle Trail and Bostic Hill Roads have walking paths to our elementary school and are especially busy in the morning and between 2:20 and 2:40 with children walking AND BIKING in the road.
Here are the guidelines we use to keep children safe in the neighborhood:
  • Drive slowly through the neighborhood, obey all traffic signs, and look out for children.
  • When attending school functions or making pick ups, park only on the SCHOOL side of the street. (This prevents the road from becoming a one lane road.)
  • Please do not park on the CORNERS of the Bostic Hill or Bridle Trails  cul de sacs. According to police, parking on corners restricts emergency vehicle access.
  • Do not park in front of mailboxes. If you block mailboxes, our postal carrier may not deliver mail to a resident that day, interrupting their mail delivery.
Thank you for your consideration of our children and residents. If you have other people driving your children to school each day, nannies or carpool, please share this information with them.
Additional Notes:
Garbage bins off sidewalks on Monday mornings - thanks to residents who are placing their bins off sidewalks so residents and children can walk and bike safely to school on Monday mornings.
Facebook - please join us on Facebook at "Sibley Forest Neighborhood" in Facebook groups. It’s a more casual and instant way to keep in touch as well as a good source of information for local services.  We are at 227 members and would like to see everyone who is interested there.
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