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Items of note for Sibley....
Couple of housekeeping items for Sibley Forest...
Save the date, HOA Annual meeting, February 27 - please note your board of directors has scheduled the annual Sibley Forest HOA meeting for the evening of February 27 at the clubhouse. Please make a note of it and plan to attend. More information to follow.
Safety concerns - it appears we may have moved on some of our overnight visitors and entering auto incidents have abated. Please continue to keep items of interest out of your cars at night, and please do not invite our nighttime friends back by leaving your garage door up, especially once it gets dark at night. Note, we also had some construction materials stolen from the front of a residence last week. There will be a safety wrap up and Q&A at the annual meeting.
Garbage bins off sidewalks - thanks to residents who are placing their bins off sidewalks so residents and children can walk and bike safely to school on Monday mornings.
Facebook - please join our Facebook page at Sibley Forest Neighborhood groups. It’s a more casual and instant way to keep in touch. We are at 90 members and would like to see everyone who is interested there.
Website - do you have a SF neighbor who is not getting these email blasts? They need to go to and “register” at the top left of the homepage in order to be on our mailing list. Please encourage any neighbors not on our list to join. We try to keep emails to a minimum.
Tennis lights - we’ve noticed the court lights have been left on some nights, or very early in the morning. Please turn them off before leaving the area. Thanks.
SF Progressive Dinner - last but not LEAST, don’t forget to register for our annual progressive dinner. Click here to RSVP online if you have not already!