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Sibley Forest Progressive Dinner, February 11
The deadline to RSVP for the Sibley Forest 2012 Progressive Dinner is Monday, January 30. Don't miss this truly enjoyable neighborhood tradition! 
RSVP via the RSVP function AT LEFT of the homepage (or click here) AND drop your check to SFWC for $25 to Kim Janke at 662 Gunby by January 30.  Receipt of your check will confirm your participation.
-The cost is $25 per couple/$15 per person.
-The February 11 evening will begin at 5:30 p.m. with appetizers, followed by dinner -- at the homes of gracious neighborhood hosts.  Dessert will be at the clubhouse.
-The price covers beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and paper goods. 
-Attendees bring an appetizer OR dessert  (to the appetizer OR dessert functions, respectively). 
-During the week before the event, Attendees will receive a written invitation designating their evening destinations and whether to bring an appetizer OR dessert. 
-Your dinner host will contact you to bring a bottle of wine and a side dish for dinner.
-There is a teen driving service available, and can be selected via the RSVP function.  (Please be safe!)
Enjoy entertaining? PLEASE HOST!  We still need a few hosts.  All hosts will be entered into a raffle for a sumptuous Valentine’s gift basket (including chocolate, wine, chocolate ....)

Don't know what to bring?  Go to the Sibley Forest Neighborhood Group Facebook page (documents section) to find recipe samples for appetizers, entrees, sides, salads and desserts from the progressive dinner committee and from our local chef, Alex Reethof -- and also see a posting with a link for Alex's video step-by-step preparations.   Want to post your own recipes?  Be our guest!  Start a dialogue!
Contact Anne Davidson at (also in directory) if you would like to host or have questions.  The proceeds of this event support Women’s Club neighborhood events (Halloween parade, July 4th, graduation banner, Newcomers' Club, kindergarten party, etc.) and various local charities.
What was that again? How does that work?....
Here's a further explanation of the Sibley Forest Progressive Dinner for those who are new to the event.
Neighbors sign up to host or to just attend, but everyone contributes food items. You go to one home for appetizers, one home for dinner and then end up at the clubhouse with everyone.
You will bring an appetizer OR a dessert -- as designated in a written invitation received before the event.

You bring a side dish and wine to the home at which you are having dinner.
So, everyone contributes to the event. You move around the neighborhood during the evening, being hosted at different neighbors' homes.
It's really a fun time and you get to meet neighbors you usually don't bump into in the neighborhood.
You can also contact Anne Davidson with further questions at