Sibley Forest
2017 Progressive Dinner
Sibley Forest's Progressive Dinner is March 18, 2017.
The evening will begin at 6:00pm with appetizers, followed by dinner and dessert.  Some of your gracious neighbors will open up their homes to be appetizer or dinner destinations.  Dessert is at the clubhouse.  You won't want to miss this well-loved neighborhood tradition.
Enjoy entertaining?  PLEASE HOST as an appetizer or dinner host!  There is no registration fee for dinner hosts.
If you haven't paid:
Confirm your seat by paying online with Paypal or by check payable to Sibley Forest Women’s Club in Brooke Habibi 3670 Sope Creek Farm by March 5th.  If you pay by check, please provide a copy of the printed registration form (be sure to sign it!).
What happens after I register and pay?
Look for an invitation in the mail identifying evening destinations with instructions on bringing either an appetizer or a dessert. Your dinner host will contact you to bring a bottle of wine and a side dish.
For more information...
Keep watching and the Sibley Forest Neighborhood Group Facebook page for more details. Contact if you would like to host or have questions.
All the best,
Your Sibley Forest Progressive Dinner 2017 Committee
How does the Progressive Dinner evening work?....
Here's a further explanation of the Sibley Forest Progressive Dinner for those who are new to the event.
Neighbors sign up to host or to just attend, but everyone contributes food items. You go to one home for appetizers, one home for dinner and then end up at the clubhouse with everyone.  You will receive an invitation the Monday or Tuesday before the event with your appetizer and dinner destinations, and instructions for whether you bring an appetizer or a dessert.  Similarly, the Monday or Tuesday before the event, hosts will receive a list of their Progressive Dinner guests.
Bring an appetizer to the appetizer house you are going to (if assigned an appetizer).
Bring a side dish and wine to the home you are having dinner at.  (Your host will contact you about what type of wine and side dish.)
Drop off a dessert at the clubhouse (if assigned a dessert) PRIOR to heading to your appetizer house destination.  The clubhouse will be open early so you can drop it off and not worry about it!
So, everyone contributes to the event. You move around the neighborhood during the evening, being hosted at different neighbors' homes.  It's really a fun time and you get to meet neighbors you usually don't bump into in the neighborhood.