Sibley Forest
Neighborhood-wide garage sale May 4 - 5
Sibley Forest Garage Sale - May 4-5, 2012
Time for the garage sale!......
The Sibley Forest Women's Club will hold the neighborhood-wide garage sale, Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5 (rain or shine).
This is a wonderful opportunity to clean out and clean up! We have coordinated the date with other nearby subdivisions and will advertise accordingly, drawing shoppers to our area!
Dumpster Day is May 12 in case you are left with excess "inventory."
Please print this email and use to register. Return by April 29 so we can put you on the map!
Name and address:__________________________________________________________
Phone numbers:_____________________________________________________________
Very special items you would like to include in the ad (space permitting):_________________
Return this form with a $5 registration fee to Denise Ciraldo, 641 Sibley Forest Dr or Erin Kaminsky 668 Gunby, by April 29 to receive a sale packet.