Sibley Forest
Spring is here (we hope!) so the Sibley Forest calendar heats up!
Spring is here (we hope!) so the Sibley Forest calendar heats up!
Throw open the windows, sweep winter away, it’s time for the Sibley Forest Garage Sale! --
Ready to clean out that garage, spare room, those kids’ toys? Better yet, hang out and chat with your neighbors while you watch people pay YOU to take your stuff away?! Our “sometimes-annual” garage sale happens in the spring. Please contact neighbor Denise Ciraldo and she’ll give you a small task that will help this event happen. (Shh....if we don’t get enough “helpers,” we might not be able to pull this off, and you won’t be able to get rid of that faded pink, baby stroller or the sideboard you KNOW someone will love to take away. Contact Denise today at
Community Service honors a friend --
Neighbor and friend, Shirley Mancini, passed away December 2012. Shirley was a loyal participant in our community service committee for many years. In honor of Shirley’s 20 years service, please join neighbors at the club house, Tuesday, March 19, at 10:00 a.m. to produce tray favors for Meals on Wheels. Not sure what community service is all about? We package tray favors for needy local seniors. It’s great feeling to give back while catching up with neighbors and meeting new ones.
Join us for the Sibley Forest Easter Egg Hunt --
Our annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held at the clubhouse field on Saturday, March 23, at 12:00 p.m. for kids ages 11 and under. Inflatables will be provided for post-hunt jumping fun. Bring a picnic lunch and stay after the hunt to socialize. RSVPs are required. Click on “RSVP” at (We love our kids, friends, relatives and grandchildren, but everyone must be registered so no kids are left with sad faces and an empty basket.) For each participating child, parents/relatives must drop off one dozen candy or toy- filled plastic eggs in the red bin at the clubhouse during the week of March 18 - 22. Please avoid chocolate due to warm spring temperatures. It melts!
Live in Sibley and own a business or provide a service? --
We'd like to introduce the online Business Directory. For more information go to the homepage and click on Business Directory to learn how to add your business or find a listing. Listing fees apply with the exception of residents who provide child care or lawn maintenance services.
Women’s Club Meeting - Girls night! --
Hey you! Where’ve you been all winter? Enjoy dessert and wine with the Sibley Forest Women’s Club (SFWC ) at the clubhouse on Thursday, April 18, at 7:00 p.m. A list of neighborhood-sponsored events for next year will be finalized. (Women’s club? If you’re a women and live in Sibley, you’re a member!)
High School and College Graduates --
Register your 2013 Sibley Forest graduates using the website RSVP function. Deadline: April 19. For more information, contact Sally Wright at