Sibley Forest
Sibley Forest Women's Club Needs You....
Sibley Forest...a tradition.
Did you buy in Sibley Forest because of the neighborly feeling?  Because of the children's events? Potluck dinners at the pool?  Holiday parades, picnics and parties?  We have a strong tradition of gathering together, creating warm bonds that literally last a lifetime.
It's not a well-kept secret that our Women's Club drives most of these events, and it's the time of year when we need a new team to step forward.  We'd hate to discontinue any of the fun family events that make us what we are today, 
but we are at a critical juncture and need your help. 
As times have evolved, women's club committee jobs have evolved and most leadership/committee tasks can be done online, adapting to the fact that for many of our residents, both parents work outside the home. It's a collaborative atmosphere and a great way to give back to our wonderful Sibley Forest community, while reaping the benefits of making new connections. 
Our neighborhood needs you. Yes, you. 
We are looking for co-presidents to carry on the tradition set by Leigh Harris, Amy J. Hill, Rhonda Gray, Anita Donaldson, Melissa Weiss, Lucy Barry and many others who have been the driving force here in Sibley over the years. 
Please reach out to and let us know if you'd be willing to keep our family friendly-wheels turning and continue our traditions. 
Your Volunteer Sibley Forest Women's Club